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掃描二維碼訪問中評網移動版 林富男《異流油畫》 自序:用美充實生命 掃描二維碼訪問中評社微信   2014-09-27 00:27:18


  Construction to civil Engineering, scientific method to material engineering, division of labor to business administration, ethic to sociology and justice to political science is the subject that the author is devoted into. Dealing with life with the painting brush seems accidental, but not consequential. During learning how to paint, the painter empties himself to give himself a refill of various theories and absorb masters’ comments. Based on the mechanics of civil engineering, stability and extension of constructing a blueprint and principles of material science, the painter gives the oil painting a new life with a combination of traditional raw material of oil painting and modern Nano mineral material, and “unique oil painting” with marketing strategies.

  In his childhood, he was educated family discipline and aesthetic concepts. His father dealt with architectural career before engaging in farming and his mother was good at sewing, furnishing and cooking, from which he has learned to behave subject to the human orientation and aesthetic center. Consequently the concept of beauty to him is a kind of power, not matter it is born with or not, which is strong enough to enrich the life itself, to create harmony, to be the resource of social progress and to act as a symbol of peace.

  The spirit of his oil painting, Distinguishing Trend, is “fluid and floating”, of which manner is not as regular as of traditional. He has started painting since June of 2010, and has collected the Chinese and western paintings for three decades. During these ten years, he has held Taiwan National Exhibition. His works display scenery of fluid and floating. The famous painter of Northern Song Dynasty, Guo, Xi focus “The real mountain and water landscape of the valley, in the far distance emphasis on the power, in closer look pay attention to the quality…in macro vision notice the greater one; in microscopic take quality”. Please review his works subtly, “fluid and floating” image can be perceived on the composition of the painting. With the aesthetical factor, he loves nature in painting and emphasizes mechanics and abundance of painting skills. He paints confidently and his paintings are not only bright but blend with color. Therefore, his works are revealed smoothly and naturally. The painter lives in southern Taiwan that the sun illuminates every corner of the vigorous and greenish land. Thus, he is fond of putting natural Nano mineral and few metals, such as blue, green, red and orange colors. Also he adds adequate natural pearl to mix semi-transparent color. This application is worshipped by Professor, Guo, Hai-hu when he studied for master degree in Institute of Materials Science and Engineering, National Sun Yat-Sen Univesity in 1982. By this occasion, the painter extended gratitude to the exhibition invitation of Liu, Suan-yung, the curator of National Changhua Living Art Center, and entitled “Unique Oil Painting” to present personal exhibition. We can see from his different multi-layer skills, including paint, paste, spray, dye, exploration, and halo to present basic theory which is different from traditional oil painting and create unique style “fluid and floating”. Master Lin, Yu-tang said “the most meaningful part in art works is personality beyond skills.” 

  Scholars said: “What above form is called Tao; what within form is called material. Metaphysician performance and learn by Tao. Physical personal, behavior and shaped by rules and methods.” The painter introspects to require himself to use macro spirit to create unique works. Master Paul Cézanne said “Painting does not mean duplicate reality blindly”. Therefore, the painter endeavors to maintain ancestors’ wisdom and combines traditional culture to escape the frames of tradition. This is inborn human nature to challenge to become splendid. The painter applies Material Science on traditional oil painting by different techniques to show multi-layered mechanism. He used innovative painting skills, for example, exploration on upper atmosphere to express “fluid and floating”. These skills were mixed by Chinese culture and western history to present “fluid and floating” idealism on works with oriental spirit and western techniques. He expects to realize real extraordinary metaphysical arts to present the real ‘creation”.

There is American dream in America; there is also Chinese dream in China, actually dream is a kind of hope. And the painter should also have dreams. For the painter, dream of creation is “change”. We should change skills, methods and materials on painting. Professor of the academic of Taiwan Research Institute of Art and Professor of National Taiwan Normal University, Chen, Yin-Hui said painting is no only to show the “image”, but “artistic conception”. Without it, there is no “life” of the painting. The painter Shen, Kua said “the wonderful painting should be focused on the artistic conception, not only evaluated the shape”. The painter is adored by Mr. Chan, Fu-Yun, Chairman of Taiwan National Exhibition who instructs him ten elements of painting: stability of composition, relationship of main and auxiliary colors, changes of modes and colors, handle with motion and broken tune, symmetry and balance of surface of painting, performance of inverse, relationship of interactive an space, modeling and extension of surface tension, main element of quality and quantity, and relationship between color contrast and picture connection. The painter always keeps in mind.

“Doing instead of talking” is the proverb to require himself. The painter is not only a high officer, a successful business man and also an outstanding artist. The painter is entitled as “Artist Entrepreneur”, “Creator of Beauty Power” “Cross-strait artist” and “Unique Oil Painter”. In addition, he was praised as body and soul of Songs by the media and other painters and that are shown in his works. He insisted on humility and dedication in his real life to enjoy simplicity. Buddhist Epigrams “As today passed, length of this life is thus reduced, just as fish in scant water, what enjoyment is there? One should practice diligently, as if to put out fire on one’s head…”. Henceforth, he will keep on painting continuously and consistently. 

In Kaohsiung

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