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韓國瑜哈佛演講 指不能視美國友誼理所當然   2019-04-12 08:50:29

  中評社波士頓4月11日電/中國國民黨高雄市長韓國瑜美國時間11日下午在哈佛大學費正清中心以“The Power of Down to Earth — They Talk the Talk, I Walk the Walk”為題閉門演說,演說中提及兩岸發展現況,更趁機向蔡英文喊話表示,若蔡不願承認九二共識,應提出新的想法與具體措施,以維台海兩岸和平與安全,並確保台灣經濟發展,“截至目前為止,他們在這方面是很空洞的!”




  The Power of Down to Earth — They Talk the Talk, I Walk the Walk

  Good afternoon, Director Szonyi, Director Goldstein, ladies and gentlemen, this is my greatest honor and pleasure to be here today and to begin with, I would like to express my appreciation for the long term friendship between the United States and the R. O. C., and for the support from the US government and its people, so we can engage and cooperate closely. I am more than honored to have this amazing opportunity standing at this podium, in front of the distinguished scholars at the Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies, the most esteemed institution of Chinese Studies in the world, to share my story and to talk about what I think and what I want to do as Mayor of Kaohsiung.

  In Taiwan, there are a lot of people calling me a “produce vendor.” Mainly because I worked in a local agricultural products marketing company before I ran in the Mayor election. The media often describes me with the term “down to earth,” and few individuals even name me “country bumpkin” for my humble origins, and my rather direct and unrefined language. Well today, this bald country bumpkin from Taiwan is standing before you, on the campus of one of the most prestigious universities in the world: Harvard! A few months ago, many could not have imagined this, even in their wildest dreams!

  What brings me to Harvard today, is the fact that last November, I won an election in Southern Taiwan that nobody thought I could possibly win. Besides, people are saying that I single-handedly reshaped the politics of Taiwan. They are calling this wide-spread political current the “hanliu” or “Han wave.” 

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