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沙納漢香会講話英文全文   2019-06-07 10:39:00

  中評社北京6月7日電(記者 郭至君)Acting Secretary Shanahan’s Remarks at the IISS Shangri-La Dialogue 2019
  18th Asia Security Summit Singapore
  1 June 2019

  Thank you, Dr. Chipman and the IISS team for organizing this conference. I especially want to thank Dr. Ng and our gracious host, Singapore.
  It’s good to be back:I visited Singapore many times while working in private industry, and I’m honored to join you today as Acting Secretary of Defense.

  As Prime Minister Lee said last night, “the United States is welcome and has many friends in Asia.” That is a real honor, and I would say that the United States has no better friend in Asia than Singapore.

  On behalf of President and Commander-in-Chief Trump, and the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces, I am here to affirm the United States’ enduring commitment to the Indo-Pacific region – and to the values that keep it secure and prosperous, free and open.
The United States has a natural presence here:as Secretary Mattis said from this podium last year, we are a Pacific nation. We are a resident power, with deep economic, cultural, and personal connections that inextricably link us with the growth and vitality of the world’s most dynamic region. 

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